Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Brag Tags in Kindergarten

Brag tags can be an amazingly effective alternative to the classroom treasure box!

When I first started teaching, the treasure box was a staple in everyone's classroom.  Every single teacher had one.  The office secretary had one.  Even our principal had one in her office.  
Kids got to go to the treasure box for everything from good behavior to learning their numbers.  It was supposed to motivate them....and reward them for their effort in the classroom.

The tried and true treasure box was generally effective and kids seemed to enjoy going to the box to pick out their treat/reward/prize.  What they didn't realize is that most of the prizes were little pieces of junk.....usually from McDonalds.....and most likely donated by other parents.  What I didn't realize is that there was a better way to help motivate students without using the treasure box system!!

I've created a set of brag tags that will help students in your classroom celebrate their academic achievements in Kindergarten!  Each tag is approximately 2"x3" and has space at the top for you to punch a hole.  Students will enjoy stringing their brag tags on a necklace, pipe cleaner, ribbon, etc.  I would suggest keeping brag tags in the classroom until the end of the year, that way students can see their achievements add up!!

These tags are available in COLOR  

or BLACK & WHITE (in case you need to save ink!!)

Both sets also include 9 editable designs that you can customize for your own classroom!

Check them out and let me know how you use them in your classroom!!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Five Counting to 100 songs that kids will love!

Counting to 100 is a key skill that Kindergarteners are expected to master!  Although rote counting can be a mundane task, I've found some great videos on YouTube that are sure to get your students counting to 100 with a smile! 

#1--Jack Hartman's Count to 100 by 1's
This is a fun video that encourages kids to get up and move as they count to 100.  For each set of 10, kids are asked to perform movements such as rope climbing, soldier marching, bunny hops, etc as they are counting.  Learning and moving...can't beat that!! 

#2--I Can Count to 100 by Mark D. Pencil
This is always a favorite of my students!  It has a fun & funky beat that kids really enjoy.  Be prepared'll find yourself singing this all day long!

#3--We Can Count to 100!
This is a simple video that doesn't have a lot of graphics, except for the colorful numbers that are shown as you count.   This one has a cute catchy tune with kids counting/singing to 100.  This video would be perfect if your kiddos need practice counting, but may get distracted by too many graphics!

#4--Count to 100 by Tea Time with Tayla
This video is always a big hit with my girls.....not so much with the boys. LOL  Tayla is an energetic lady who enjoys doing some cheesy movements as she counts to 100.......IN A TUTU.  LOL  You may not want to play it all the time, but every now and then it'll be a fun change of pace!

#5--Pump up to 100 with Dr. Jean
Count to 100 and get your exercise in with the wonderful Dr. Jean!  My kids enjoy anything that Dr. Jean sings and this one is no exception!!

Do you have a favorite counting video that you use in your classroom?  Do share in the comments!!  I'm always on the lookout for engaging songs and videos that can help my kiddos learn.

Looking for ideas for the 100th day of school?
Check out some fun craft ideas HERE!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

100th day of school!

I really enjoy the 100th day of school!  I mean, who doesn't love a good celebration??  And making it through the first 100 days of school certainly deserves to be celebrated!!!

How cute is this idea for a 100th Day of School project??
My friend Mrs. Tibbs did this with her daughter and I thought it turned out adorable!!!

I love this poem by Meish Goldish because it's funny and cute, and the kids always enjoy reading it and listening to it.  It's always a hoot when you get to the end of the poem and they want to go back and count all of the know...just to MAKE SURE there are 100 words! Ha!

If you're looking for some simple and fun crafts the kids can make for the 100th day, I've got something that might be fun for your kiddos!  I just uploaded a brand new set  that includes three crafts kids can make and color:  a 100th day headband/crown, a 100th day necklace, and a 100th day bracelet.  Easy peasy & fun!  You can see the set and get more information HERE.


Enjoy your 100th day!!!