Friday, January 2, 2015

MLK Craft and Directed Drawing

Have you ever done directed drawing with your students?  Directed drawing is where you guide your students step by step in the drawing process.  You model each step for them on the board or screen, and then students repeat it on their paper.  It's not copying…students aren't given a finished image and then asked to replicate it.  Instead they are given step by step directions that they interpret and manipulate to the best of their ability!  The results can be amazing!!

Here is an example of a directed drawing that I did with my students a couple years ago.  You can see how no two are exactly alike!  That's what makes directed drawing so fun!!  Read my original post here !

Do your students love headbands as much as mine do?  I made a cute MLK headband and I just happened to find the cutest 6 year old to model it for me!!  Meet my nephew Ryan!  Cute, right?  You can grab the headband here for only $1.00.  Unfortunately the cute kiddo is not included!!

Happy Teaching!!