Sunday, February 16, 2014

Augmented Reality with the ColAr Mix App!

Do you know what augmented reality is?  Neither did I until I was introduced to it by JoAn over at Tiny Toes.  And let me tell is super cool and your kids are going to LOVE it!!!

Google defines augmented reality as:  "a technology that superimposes a computer-generated image on a user's view of the real world, thus providing a composite view."

JoAn used the ColAR Mix App to introduce augmented reality to her preschool students.  Yes.  I said preschool students.  Even our youngest students will be able to enjoy this awesome technology!  If you want to see some super cute excitement, you will definitely want to read her latest blog post and see how her preschoolers reacted to this new technology.

Simply put, the ColAR Mix App takes student artwork and makes it jump off of the paper.

Yes, really!!!!

Here's how it works......

I downloaded the ColAr Mix App from the app store.  It's FREE.

Then,  I printed off coloring pages from the ColAR app site.  They have several that are absolutely FREE, but they also have some additional pages available for purchase.  I did purchase some additional ones for my students so that we'd have several choices to choose from!

Next, we colored the pictures!

I did not tell my students anything about the app or the 3-D fun that was coming.  I just told them they had worked so hard lately, that I decided we needed a "fun, coloring" day.

When students finished their pictures, I asked them if they wanted to see their picture "come to life."  Naturally they replied (screamed) YES!!!

I opened the ColAR app on my iPad, and held it over a student's picture.  (you'll see the picture turn blue, that's how you know the app 'sees' the picture correctly)

A few seconds later........the MAGIC happens.

Notice how the sun, trees, and house all appear to leap off of the paper.  Not sure if you can see it in the video, but the little dog actually runs down the sidewalk too!!  

The super cool thing is that you can actually move the iPad around the paper slowly....and see different angles.  It's truly like the picture has 'sprung' to life!  The kids were so amazed!!!  They did not want to leave and go back to their class....they kept begging to color another picture.  

Here's another example.  Seriously COOL!!!

I can't wait to use this technology some more!  It really got the kids engaged...and I could see this app being used as a springboard to writing, storytelling, reading, and more!  

Augmented Reality isn't just making pictures come to's about bringing the whole world around us to life.  I found a great Edutopia article online that gives lots of great suggestions of how we can use AR in the classroom.  If you've never heard of AR, or would just like to learn more, I highly recommend checking this article out:  Augmented Reality Brings New Dimensions to Learning.

What do you think????  Is this something you could see your kids getting excited about???

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