Saturday, January 5, 2013

Write the Room Rhyming

My kids love anything that lets them get up and move around the room!  Write-the-Room activities fit that bill nicely!  Not only do my kids get to get up and move....they get to practice a skill or learn something new in the process!

We have been working on rhyming for a while now, but I still have some kids who are struggling with this skill.  Rhyming is one of those skills that they either totally get or they totally don't get.

My newest product at TpT is a Rhyming Write the Room activity that I created for my class.   For some of my kiddos, it will be a review of rhyming.  For others, it will hopefully be another way for them to practice identifying rhyming words.

There are two sets of cards because I wanted to make sure that I could use this activity more than once! For each set of cards, there are two recording sheets.  One recording sheet asks students to simply write the word from the card, next to the picture that it rhymes with.  The other recording sheet asks students to write the word from the card.....but also to write the word for each of the pictures shown on the sheet.  

You can pick this activity up in my TpT store for only $3.00!  
I hope it's something you can use in your own classroom!  

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