Friday, November 30, 2012

Snowman FREEBIE & Jungle Doors!

Do you like freebies?  Head on over to The Teaching Blog Addict's page where you can 
score lots of freebies!  I'm linking up to share my newest freebie with all of you!

I made this Snowman nonsense word game to help my students practice reading nonsense words.    
We are getting ready for Dibels testing next week, so they need all the practice they can get!  
Click the picture below to grab it for FREE in my TpT store!  

There are 36 nonsense word cards & 9 extra game cards.  
I also included a set of B&W word cards, in case you wanted to print on colored paper and save on ink! 

And now in a completely random change of subject....check out some of the cool jungle doors in our Kindergarten hallway!  Our yearbook theme for this year is "It's a Jungle Out There" and there are prizes up for grabs for the best decorated door!!  The kids have loved looking at the classroom doors transformed into jungle animals and scenes!  

I don't know about you, but I am so ready for the weekend!  
Hope it's a good one!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christmas is coming.....

I just finished making a Christmas Count the Room activity for my kiddos to use during the month of December.  They really enjoyed the Thanksgiving one I made, so I figured I'd make one for the next holiday too!  :-)  Would you like to get a copy of this?  Well read on!!!!

With this packet you can have your students practice counting 1-10 and 11-20.  There are two sets of cards for 1-10 and one set of cards for 11-20.  You could even put two sets up at the same time.....Since each set is bordered in a different color (red, green, or blue) you could just instruct certain groups of students to look for only a certain colored card!  

There are also four different recording sheets that have the pictures in different places.  That way students can do this activity more than once and never use the same sheet twice! :-)

I have just posted this in my TpT store and for the next 8 hours it will be available completely FREE!  Go grab it here while you can!  If you do grab it, I would greatly appreciate your feedback!  Thanks so much and enjoy!!

If you missed the freebie, you can still find the 
Christmas Count the Room pack in my TpT store for only $2.00.  

Friday, November 9, 2012

Cute Freebie Alert!

I know it's almost Thanksgiving and winter is fast approaching.....but I just had to share something cute & Springy I made this morning to help my kids practice recognizing numbers and sets!  

I received these awesome butterfly graphics in my inbox this morning thanks to the very talented Mel at Graphics from the Pond and just knew I had to make something with them!!

I whipped up a set of Butterfly Cut & Match cards!  

There are two different options so you can use what works best for your students.  One set of cards can be cut into 2 students only have to match the number/tally marks with the number word/set of dots.  For your higher kids you can use the cards that can be cut into 4 pieces...that way they have to match all sections together!!

I hope your kids can use this!   Click here to head to my TpT store to snag this FREEBIE!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thanksgiving FREEBIE

I cannot believe there are only a few more school days left before Thanksgiving Break!  I am really looking forward to having a few days off.  It seems like this time of year really flies by....before long it'll be Christmas!!

My student teacher found some really cute puzzles this week to help my kiddos practice ordering numbers.  They did really good with them & seemed to enjoy putting them I made some Thanksgiving ones for them to use!

There are 4 picture puzzles to choose from:  a turkey, a cornucopia, a pair of pilgrims, and a pair of Native Americans. You can choose to have your students work on ordering 1-10, 11-20, or 10-100.  I included color puzzles and black & white, in case you wanted to have your students color the finished pictures!  There are a total of 12 color puzzles & 12 b&w puzzles.

You can grab these puzzles completely FREE in my TpT store here!

I also created a Count the Room Thanksgiving activity!  My kids LOVE to write the room!! 

This packet includes:

2 sets of counting cards (sets of objects 1-10)
1 set of counting cards  (sets of objects 11-20)

There are also 4 different recording sheets. Two where students simply write the number and two where students practice writing the number several times.
Having several sets of cards and recording sheets will allow you to use this activity on several different days if you want to!!

You can grab this Thanksgiving Count the Room activity here in my TpT store!  

Sunday, November 4, 2012

November Currently

Head over to her blog to check out what everyone else is currently up to!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Encouragement needed!!!

Do you remember your student teaching experience?  

I remember mine like it was yesterday.  I did half of mine in Kindergarten and half in 8th grade.  
My 8th grade placement was first and let me tell you---8th grade was NOT for me.   I remember going home just about every day in tears.  The kids were bigger than me, meaner than me, and way scarier than me.  It just wasn't a good experience....for me or for them.  I was not meant to be an 8th grade teacher.  

Kindergarten was my second placement and I'm pretty sure I skipped right into that classroom.  I was skipping with joy because I knew I loved the younger kids and I knew that I was meant to be a Kindergarten teacher.   I was sure it was going to be easy and fun and I knew I would love it.    I did love it.  But it definitely wasn't easy.  And it wasn't always fun.   It was hard work and it took me a while to get used to a room full of 5 year olds.   

Let's face it.  Teaching Kindergarten is STILL hard work.  It's not always fun.  And every year after my summer does take a little while to get back into the swing of managing a room full of 5 year olds.  :-)

I have a student teacher right now.  Today was a rough day for her.  I'm guessing that since today was the day after Halloween, today was a rough day for a lot of you out there!!   That's usually the way it is after kids stay up wayyyyy past their bedtime eating candy & chocolate.  LOL  Anyway...suffice it to say--- today was not a good day for my kids.  They were off.  WAY OFF.  As in....even the normally angelic kids were acting in non-angelic ways.  Seriously!!  

An 8:30am fund raising assembly (the day after Halloween!!!!!!!), may or may not have had something to do with this.  Just sayin'.  

She & I talked after school today and I think her confidence was shaken a little bit.   I'm sure she's feeling discouraged & frustrated and I hate that!  I really feel responsible for her feeling like that....because after all, those were MY kids that acted like that.   :-(   You can bet that my kiddos and I will be having a nice little chit chat tomorrow about respect and appropriate behavior.  

In the meantime, I think a little encouragement would go a long way right now!!  What words of advice would you give to a student teacher who was feeling a bit discouraged after a bad day?  What do YOU do after a bad day with your own kiddos? 

I would love to hear your thoughts!! :-)