Thursday, October 18, 2012

My super observant kiddos!

Today, not once....but kiddos caught "mistakes" in books that we were reading!  While they may or may not technically have been real mistakes is up for debate.....but to my kiddos they were definitely real and shocking.  LOL

The first time it happened was during my guided reading group.   I had my highest group with me and we were reading our weekly leveled reader.  Everything was going along great until we got to this page:

Do you see what my kids saw?  As soon as they saw it they were quick to bring it to my attention it.  Yep.  I spend a lot of time reminding my kids to go to the next line in their writing......keep writing unless you can't fit the next word, and then go to the next line.  And here was a sentence that went to the next line even though they could have SURELY fit the word "a" up there!!!!

It was actually pretty funny to watch them get so excited about it.  They really just wanted to know why the author did it like that and did he not know what he was supposed to do?   I simply explained that maybe the author made a mistake (like we all do) and we should just keep reading on.  I also congratulated them on being great readers and writers!!  <<<honestly I'm not sure why the author did it like that....any thoughts?......maybe to break it into phrases for beginning readers???>>>

Then in the afternoon we were reading this book.....can you see anything that might cause my kiddos' hands to shoot up in the air with extreme confusion on their faces?!?

Yeah.  This book title does not have capital letters.  Some of my kids noticed quickly and asked me why.....because after all Ms. Burton you said that the title is the name of the book and that names need to be capitalized.  So I again congratulated them on being so observant and smart and noticing that detail.  Then I said that most books do start with capital letters, but there are always exceptions, and maybe the author chose not to use capital letters this time.   

That was probably a poor explanation.   Because one of my kiddos then raised his hand and asked 'does that mean we can choose not to use a capital letter in our names sometimes?'  It doesn't.  Sorry.  LOL


  1. Wow! That is awesome! What smart cookies!

  2. Thank you for commenting on my blog! I love your blog too.