Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Yay for 2 day Inservices!

Every year, the county that I work for holds a 2 day inservice for all teachers.    It's completely optional, but it's something that a lot of us sign up for every year!  I know--it sounds fascinating, right?

It's really not that bad.  It's actually a win-win for us because not only do we end up with 14 hours of inservice credit, but we also get to learn from some of the best!  Each year we have the chance to attend sessions by a lot of nationally known educators that we normally could not afford would not get to see.   In the past couple of years I've gotten to attend sessions by Shari Sloane, Kim Adsit, Hal Bowman, & Rick Morris just to name a few.   The best part is that the whole thing is FREE for us!  Told ya--WIN-WIN!!

The past two days have been filled with sessions and speakers and lots of great information!  I feel like I have learned so much in such a short time.  It's going to take me a few days to process everything and make a plan to attack this year!  (We go back to school next Monday so I need to get right on that!)  Do any of you ever go to a really great inservice, learn something totally new & great, and then wonder how you ever taught without it?  Sometimes I think about my very first in the world did they ever learn anything that year.....I've learned so much since then!

Yesterday my favorite session was given by Dr. Jean!!!   I love all of her CD's and I use them all the time in my classroom!  Some of my favorite Dr. Jean songs can be found here.  I also love her ideas for literacy & math, and how she takes ordinary materials and magically turns them into complete centers.  Plus she's just so darn cute and energetic!   After the session we gathered our Kindergarten team and asked Dr. Jean to take a photo with us. She happily obliged and we all happily posed.  Except....I apparently didn't get the memo that we were doing the whole 'arms around each other' I ended up with my hand hanging awkwardly over my leg. can totally pick me out.  :-)  I stick out like a sore thumb hand. LOL

Our Kindergarten Team
Emily, Debbie, Jody, Dr. Jean, Angela, Michelle, & Jennifer

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  1. How exciting to be able to have such talented visitors for your inservices!

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