Sunday, August 19, 2012

Name that Schedule Linky Party!

I am linking up with Charity at The Organized Classroom Blog to show you what my schedule looks like in Kindergarten this year!

Our schedule is pretty much handed down to us from our principal, so we get what we get....and we rarely never throw a fit!    In some ways this is nice and it takes a lot of pressure off of me to create the "perfect" schedule.   It is what it is and we really try to make the best of it.   The only thing I really miss is having a dedicated 'center' time each day.  I truly believe that my kiddos need that down time to play, learn, and practice their social skills.    What my team has done in years past, is incorporate some 'play' centers into the Sci/SS block a couple times a week.  There are a couple of really good TN state standards that deal with social skills and communication that we are able to correlate with this 'play/learning' time.    

Do you have 'play' centers in your classroom?  Do you have a specific time in your schedule for them?  If not, do you work them in somehow?  

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  1. Hi! This is Rachel from Teaching with Z:) I am hopping around to some of my favorite kindergarten blogs to ask a question. I am teaching with three other teachers and we will all be new to K this year (excluding the one year I taught K a decade ago!) I am working on my parent brochure/newsletter and got to the part about homework and froze. I have no idea. So...what do you do for homework in K? I would really appreciate anything you or anyone following here might have to share:) Feel free to email Thanks so much!

    Teaching with Z