Monday, August 27, 2012

Made it Monday!

I'm linking up with 4th Grade Frolics for Made it Monday!  

These past two weeks have been a blur.  Friday was our first FULL day with our kinder kiddos....and man am I tired!  I forget from year to year how hard and tiring it is in the beginning.  I must block it out of my mind....because honestly, how else could you forget the long hours of cutting, laminating, gluing, printing, copying, straightening, organizing, etc. !?!?!?!  

Made it # 1
So last week I made the cutest transportation clip chart that I got from Brooke at 
Once Upon a First Grade Adventure!!  Actually this one's more of a 
"Printed & Laminated Monday"......but I still wanted to share!!  It's darling and 
she has it available in lots of different color options!! You can check it out here.  

Made it #2:
Yesterday I spent almost 10 hours up at school and still have more to do!!  One thing I managed to get done was creating a set of alphabet mystery bags to use as a reading/writing activity during small groups.  My kiddos will be trying to find all of the letters in each bag.  In the beginning, I think I will have them trace each letter that they find.....but eventually I will have them writing each letter that they find.  

 I basically used heavy duty ziploc bags, rice, letter beads, and duct tape to make these!  
It was very simple to do and I think my kiddos are going to love them!  I am going to
love them as long as they do not puncture, rip, or otherwise poke holes in them.  We shall see!!!!

I used lentils in one of the bags, just to change it up!  ;-)

In this bag I used expired hand sanitizer (now I know what to do with it!!!) and glitter.  
I think the glitter color must have come off in  the sanitizer, because it ended 
up being way darker & way pinker than I had anticipated!

Made it #3
I also finally got around to getting my number posters up that I had made a while ago.  I have a regular number line posted in my classroom, but I wanted to create some posters that included the ten frames as well.  The number posters are available in my TpT store here if you'd like to get them.  

I also used the number posters to create a math station for my kids.  I printed the posters out 2 per page, so they'd be smaller......... I'm going to have my kiddos use playdoh to form the numbers, and form balls to represent the sets.  We will start with numbers 0-5 this week.   If they are ready to form the numbers and sets on their own, all they have to do is turn the card over and make them on the back!

So what have you been making?  Hop on over to 4th Grade Frolics and join the linky!  While you're there check out some of the other things that other teachers have posted for Made it Monday!!


  1. I love your number cards. I have them printed but haven't had a chance to hang them yet. Thanks so much for sharing!!

    KinderKids Fun

    1. Glad you like them! I love bright, primary colors!!

  2. I love gel bags! The addition on the duc tape around the edges is a good idea!
    Conversations in Literacy