Classroom Tour!

We officially went back to school on the August 6th, but technically I've been working on my room since the first week in July!  At the end of each year, we have to empty our rooms so they can be cleaned.  All of the big furniture and stuff is moved into the hall.  The smaller stuff can be crammed gently placed into our classroom bathroom for safe keeping over the summer.

This is what my bathroom looked like after I finished packing it in May! 

When I returned to my room in July this is what it looked like.  Our custodians move all of the big furniture back into our rooms, but we have to put everything back into place!

After a month of working hard in my room, it is finally all coming together.  I don't have a classroom theme, unless bright colors & black is a theme LOL!  I love primary colors paired with black.  I think it really makes the colors pop!  

This is the view from the door.  That big red ball is what I sit on during carpet time!  
I am in LOVE with my new carpet!  Still can't believe I got such a great deal!

This is my writing area.  Behind the shelf you can see our reading area.  

This is the reading area and library.  I love this house! 
I inherited it from another teacher and my kids always love it!  
Back in the old days it  used to be a housekeeping center lol!

 I am grateful to have four student computers (even if they are slightly outdated), 
because I know some classrooms do not have any!

Sink area, art table, and discovery table!

This is my small group area and desk.  
This year I got rid of my big, bulky teacher desk and 
got a much smaller desk off of Craigslist.  

This is the view from the back of the room looking towards the hallway. 

Well there you go....thanks for stopping by and checking out my classroom!  I really do love the way it turned out this year.  I think it's so important to create a classroom environment that is not only inviting to students, but also something that you can be comfortable in.  After all....our classroom really is our home away from home!!


  1. Looks amazing! Love the bright colors/black =) I really like the art table cute.
    The Daily Cupcake…A Kindergarten Blog

    1. Thank you so much! I LOVE anything primary and black! I think the black really lets the color pop! :-)

  2. Your room is so ADORABLE! I am obsessed with that little house to enter your reading corner! :) I am your newest follower...

    Apples and ABC's

  3. Your room is FANTASTIC! I am obsessing over your reading area!! So precious!
    Thanks for linking up!!
    Beg, Borrow, Steal

    1. I love the reading corner too. Do you mind sending me some dimensions? I have a parent volunteer who would make a similar one for me. Thank you for sharing.

    2. Hi Allison, Did you even get the dimensions? I also have someone who will build me one! :)

  4. I too love the reading area, and am hoping my husband to construct something similar for my 2 year old classroom. I think it would be a big hit.