Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Thank You!!!

I just got home after a long day of working in my classroom and was so surprised to be nominated for an award!  Special thanks to Ms. Pasqua's Kindergarten for my very first blog award.  :-)  

For receiving this award I have to....
1.  Follow the person who gave me the award.  Done!
2.  Link back to the person that gave me the award.  Done!
3.  Pass to 15 new bloggers and let them know they have received the award.....

So without further adieu, I would like to pass this award to these wonderful sure to check out their blogs for some great ideas!  (There are so many great blogs out there and finding ones that have not received this award was after much searching (lol) I am giving this award to 10 bloggers)


  1. I just nominated you for two other awards! Come on over to my blog to claim them!

    Mrs. A's Room

  2. Thanks for the shoutout :)

  3. Thank you so much for the award!