Monday, July 16, 2012

Kindergarten Memories

Do you remember your Kindergarten experience?  I sure do!  Jennifer over at Simply Kinder is hosting a linky.  Hop over there to link up and share your own experiences about Kindergarten!

I remember my Kindergarten days quite vividly!   I attended a half day Kindergarten in Minnesota and was assigned to the morning class.  My teacher's name was Ms. Lueck and I remember thinking she was the prettiest woman in the whole world.  She was so nice and sweet and was always smiling.  

Our classroom had these great cardboard bricks that we used to build things.  Actually my classmates and I preferred to use them in a different way.  We would empty all of the blocks off the shelf so that someone could climb into the shelf.  Then we would stack all of the blocks back up so the person was "hidden" inside the shelf.   Our teacher would then come looking for the missing student and naturally would be startled and surprised when that student would burst out from behind the blocks!  I'm pretty sure we did this several times a day.....and I'm pretty sure Ms. Lueck would act surprised and startled each and every time.  She was a good sport!   

You can see the red "brick" blocks on the left in this picture.   
I am sitting just to the right of the blocks proudly wearing bright red pants. 

Just so you can get a better view of the bright red pants!  :-)

 One of the other things I remember clearly was getting to color one of those cats that you can see on the wall in the photo above.   I have no idea why this memory stuck in my head....but I remember getting to choose my favorite color (I picked blue) and being so excited to color that cat.  I remember tracing the outside of the cat very darkly and coloring the inside of the cat very lightly.  I was so proud of that blue cat and I loved seeing it on the wall every day when I got to school.  

I have always credited my first year of school with being one of the reasons I decided to become a teacher.  It was my first school experience and I LOVED it.  After that, I was hooked on school.  This is why I think my job is so important and why I strive to make school fun and meaningful for my students.  I want them to love school as much as I did!

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  1. Omg, those pictures are priceless!! I think we were raised in the same era. I had that Dorothy Hamill cut and wore those prairie dresses, lol! Love the pants:) Thanks for sharing!

    Surfin' Through Second